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Wayfarers provides Muslims the opportunity to take a majestic journey to the holy sanctuaries. Our primary objective is to render packages that allow our clientele to appreciate qualified scholarship, enhanced tours in Makkah, Madinah and Al-Aqsa with an experience that is built around a five-star service. Our commitment to aspiring for the best customer service policy ensures we provide people with the correct travel guidance before their departure and for every destination.

We recognise that we have to facilitate for people from all walks of life and therefore when our packages are tailored, we take into consideration the needs of individuals and families.

Our packages will always be protected by the following:
- IATA Approved Agency
- ATOL - Air Travel Organisers License
- ABTA - Association of British Travel Agent


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No upcoming events at the moment

OUR tour

A big thank you to Shaykh for his company and education. A special thanks to the organisers for all their hard work and organisation & thank you to all our group of brothers for their great company. May Allah accept all our efforts. Ameen.”


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