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“Indeed, the first House [of worship] established for mankind was that at Makkah – blessed and a guidance for the worlds. In it are clear signs [such as] the standing place of Abraham. And whoever enters it shall be safe. And [due] to Allah from the people is a pilgrimage to the House – for whoever is able to find thereto a way. But whoever disbelieves – then indeed, Allah is free from need of the worlds.” - Ali`Imran | 96-97


Hajj is an obligation upon every Muslim who has the means and the ability to perform it. The Hajj pilgrimage is one that is laden with trials and often tests an individual, particularly in regards to their character. As much as it is a journey of worshipping Allah سبحانه وتعالى, seeking His forgiveness and attaining His pleasure, it is also a journey of self-discovery. Hajj is considered a love-manifesting act of worship because every action carried out by a pilgrim demonstrates love and devotion to Allah.


We endeavour to deliver a quality service and be the best of aids to our pilgrims with the Hajj package we offer. We recognise the importance of providing such a service as Hajj is the filth pillar of Islam and due to its obligation, nothing except excellence should be striven for. 

more details coming soon 

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